Video Reflection

Last term we had to make a video explaining what to do in a consumer problem. We had to research some information about our rights as consumers, focusing on when we purchase faulty goods. Thinking back now I think our group has achieved the success criteria.
Everyone in our group had a role. I was the advisor, director and editor.
Some of the things my group did well:

• We spoke clearly and loudly so the camera could pick it up.
• Most of the time the camera was steady and not randomly jiggling around.
• We included the correct info and steps to take when you buy faulty goods.
• We included Mr Frizzletail in creative way.
Some things we have to work on:

• Include more expression in our voices
• Remember to cut certain parts out that aren’t needed

Here is our video. What do you think?

30 Seconds of a Sheep’s Life

I made this stopmotion type video using WMM ( Windows Movie Maker) and uploading it to Vimeo. It took me two days to make because you have to tinker with the picture only slightly each time which is very time consuming! This video uses a total of exactly 51 pictures that I created on Microsoft Paint and 1 title 4 scene changers and credits at the end. All of that for 34 seconds of movie! Each Picture only flashes for one tenth of a second and the scene changers go for 2 seconds. I am sorry to all the readers that like happy endings because this movie does not have one! I am also sorry to the readers and watchers who  like morals because the video doesn’t have that either. But some good does come of it because it took me a while to figure out how to make it so I learnt how to make stopmotion videos! Hope you Sort of enjoy it! Oh yeah and the bit after the cool pirate the sheep thinks ‘Oh no Pirates’




I forgot the music Attribution so here it is:

Music:Sancho Panza gets a Latte  by Kevin Macleod

How to make a stopmotion video.

You will need WMM ( windows Movie Maker) on your computer.

1.Gather all the photos or pictures you want to use. Remember to only move thing ever so slightly so the illusion of animation works.

2. Click the ‘Add videos and photos’ button on the home menu.

3. Select all the photos or pictures you want to use and then click open.

4. Once they have all loaded click on the first one

5. Click on the video tools tab.

6. adjust the duration to 0.10 seconds.

7. repeat steps 4- 6 until every picture is done.

8. If your video changes scene anywhere click on the home menu and then title.

9. Drag the blank page to where the scence changes and that makes the transition easy for the watcher.

10. Click once again on title and drag it to the front and type the title of your video where the text box is.

11. Click on the home tab then credits.

12 Drag the credits to the end an type created by: then the year, then any attribution that you need to put.

13 Add some music to it if you like but it is’nt really needed

14. Press play and see your pictures come to life!

Mary McKillop

a couple of Fridays ago we had two actors come to our school to perform a play about Saint Mary of the Cross McKillop. The Play was called ‘Young Mary’ .

It was about Mary’s life as a child and as a sister of Saint Joseph (a group of catholic nuns also known as the Josephites). Mary was a very determined from when she was a child just at the age of twelve she helped look after her 6 younger siblings. In the play when Mary was twelve she saved her baby brother Donald from a drunk nurse! Mary wanted to become a nun ever since she was a teenager.

In her lifetime Mary helped to set many schools throughout Australia and New Zealand and taught alot of children as well. In the play sister Anne gets badly injured and Mary has to travel to Port Augusta before Sister Anne dies. Mary had no way of getting there but by walking so Mary being so determined to get somone to lend her a horse and buggy  walks into the local pub  and asks them if she can use a horse and buggy that belongs to one of the men in the pub. Can you imagine a nun in a pub! Mary makes it to Port Augusta just in time before sister Anne passes away.

Enjoy the video!!!