Commenting Rules!

Hi, These are my commenting guidelines for my blog. Please follow them. I made this page for blog challenge 4

1. Please make your comments at least 2 sentences long.

2. Please don’t use any offensive words in your comments.

3. Please don’t say any really personal info like your last name, your address, your phone number or anything like that.

4. Please don’t use any text language in your comments (e.g ur blog iz kwl plz visit min asap)

5. Please make your comments relevant to the post that you are commenting on.

6. Please proofread your comments before posting your comment.



8 thoughts on “Commenting Rules!

  1. Hi Teagan,
    You are an outstanding blogger! I am sharing your blogging guidelines with my students who are new bloggers. Please stop by and visit us at

    By the way, your puppy is adorable!

    Ms. D

  2. Hi Teagan,

    Thank you for leaving us a comment. I have to say I am GREATLY impressed by your blogging talents at such a young age.

    How long have you been blogging? What do you enjoy most about blogging? Clearly, you enjoy the process and I look forward to reading your future posts.
    I teach 8th grade students history. I have been teaching history for 10 years and love it especially when my students display their knowledge of history using their talents. 🙂 My students are 13-14 years old and they enter high school next year. Our school is a middle school which includes grades 6-8 (11 years old to 14 years old). I prefer the way New Zealand and Australia use Years instead of grades.
    We study American history and civics during 8th grade. What do you study in your history classes?
    Our school is a public school and does not have uniforms. Our students may wear whatever they want as long as it doesn’t violate the dress code. Does your school require uniforms? If yes, do you and your friends prefer uniforms?
    I look forward to chatting with you again.
    Take care,
    Ms. D

  3. Hey Teegan,
    Great blog, I will show it to our ICT Dept and see if we can get something similar going in Singapore. I really like the way yours has been set up !! Great job!

  4. Hi Teegan
    Really delighted with the blogging work you are doing. It seems to be gaining interest from all round the place. You’ve have taken your classroom beyond the four walls of your own room and your making a difference for others as well.

    Mr Elms

  5. Thanks Mr Elms

    I really enjoy blogging my favourite part is getting comments from all over the world. I have got a couple of comments asking if they can use my work in their classroom as an example. I like to know that my work is helping kids from other countries learn!

    I also quite enjoy experimenting with different things like adding slideshows, pictures, videos, glog posters, etc. to my post to make them more interesting for the people reading my blog.
    Teegan 😛 😛

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