How to add tags and catergories into a post

By adding tags and catergories to a post you are helping your readers find posts on similar topics. Catergories are used for general topics like, sport and animals. Whereas tags are used for more specific topics like, hockey, rugby, dogs and cats.

To add categories to you blog follow these steps or watch the video below.

Step one: After finishing a post scroll down until yoou find a box that says categories.

Step two: At the bottom of the box click the link that says +Add new category.

Step three: Another box should pop up where you can type the name of your catergory. It should be a general topic like sports and animals.

Step four: Click add new category at the bottom of of the second box.

Step five: To reuse a category that has all ready been made tick the box next to the name of the category.

How to add a new tag. ( This is also in the video)

Step one: Finish writing a blog post.

Step two: Below the publish box should be another box that says Tags.

Step three: type the name of your tag in the box. ( If you have more than 1 seperate them with a comma)

Step four: Click add

Step five: to reuse a tag that is already made click the link at the bottom of the box that says ‘choose from the most used tags’ and select the tag(s) that you would like to use.

How to add tags and categories video tutorial:

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