Story Starter!

For blogging challenge 4 I could write a story starter for my readers to carry on. So I am going to give you a story starter from my long list and you (my readers) can leave a comment carrying on the story. Remember to read all the comments before you decide what to write! Okay here it is:

The sudden screech of ripping metal, fused with the harsh thundering of the typhoon created and ear-splitting bellow that made my head throb with pain.

Happy Writing!

3 thoughts on “Story Starter!

  1. Hello Teegan! This is how I think the story should carry on! Here you go –

    I sprinted through the frightening storm, with a headache that felt like someone was drilling a hole through my head, and stared in shock at the ruined car that had tipped over behind me.

    And if I can carry on from there this is what I’d write –

    I had been running to my car so I could get home and snuggle up by the fire, away from the storm, when a deafening screech filled the air. I stopped running, and stared. The car was lying on its back, and the car door had ripped in half. I didn’t know how. But it had happened.


    I’m not sure if I was meant to carry on after the first sentence, but I did anyway, and I hope you liked it!

    Simone 8)

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