How to Make a Picture Link!!!

This post is about how to make a picture link that you can see on my left sidebar. In 10 easy steps. To be able to do this you must have paint or a tool similar to it .

Step 1. Take a screen shot of the blog you want to link to or find a picture you might like to use instead. Make sure you save it!!!  Here is my screen shot of my class blog.

mitea 2

Step 2. Go into paint or any other tool like it. Then selcet open and find the picture or screen shot you are using.


  Step 3. Resize the picture/ screen shot’s width 10 170 pixels and the height should automaticly change.




Step 4. Save the changes to the picture/ screen shot.


Step 5. Go into your site admin and click new post.


Step 6. Click the insert piture button at the top of the post box.



Step 7 .  Click select files and find  your picture / screen shot and upload it.



Step 8.Cange the place that say URL to the URL of the website you are linking

and then insert into post.


  Step 9. go into the html part section and copy the code.


step 10.  paste the code   in a text widget  or html widget.


Now you can go to your blog and try it  out!!

15 thoughts on “How to Make a Picture Link!!!

  1. Wow Teegan i really like how you made your steps clear and cut. It really makes it easy to read and understand. Also nice work with putting the pictures of the paint icon so people will know what to look for on their own computer. The last thing that i must tell you is that i really liked how you labeled the steps that will help a lot of people with the help of you also telling them by typing. Nice Work and don’t forget to visit my blog and some of my other classmates!

  2. Hello!
    Thanks for the info. on the pictures. I am a new blogger and this really helps! By the way, your blog is so cool!

  3. Hi, Teegan!

    My name is Mrs. Wilson and I’ll be following your blog during the student blogging challenge. I am sixth grade science teacher in Georgia, USA. You can check out our class blog here. I also be happy to help you with any questions you have about the challenge or blogging.

    Good luck!

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  6. Teegan,
    Your post here is very helpful. I was happy Miss W. linked to it to help adding badges to our sidebars. I learned a lot from your post, and I was able to add two linked badges to our class page. Thanks again for helping us at Krebs’ Class Blogs

    Mrs. Krebs

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  8. Hi Teegan,

    Thanks to your post I was able to get my um blogging badge thing for the blogging challenge onto my sidebar.


    Siabhaon Peace out. P.s cool blog theme.

  9. Hi Teegan! My name’s Rachster, I live in Australia and I have been blogging for 1 and a hlaf years.

    Thank you sooooo much! Your info was very helpful. I had NO idea how to do it!

    You blog looks great! Be sure to keep it up!
    Thank you again so much!
    Rachster 😉

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  11. Well done Tegan. I like the way you are able to provide step by step guides. IT is obvious form the comments you are helping plenty of other folk.
    If we learn by doing and teaching others then you are learning a heap.

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