How to Add Tags on Your Post!

Hi everyone! for Blog challenge7 I had to add tags to my posts on my blog. So I decided to do a post telling you how to add them to your posts.

Here are the steps to add a tag to your post!

1. Find the post Tags box on the right sidebar.


2. Type in what you want in the box for an example if my post had a you tube video in it I would type you tube in the box. Or if it was a blog challenge post you could make a tag called challenge posts.



3. click ‘Add’ to add your tag to the post.


4. If you want to add multiple tags to a post repeat these steps. To make sure your tag is added it will appear below the

 part you type in.  

5. When you have added your tags to the completed post publish it and below the post it will say tags and the tags you

added to the post.

 When you are doing another post and you want to use a tag you have used before this is what you do.

1. Find the post tags box like before

2 Click on ‘ Choose from the most used tags in Post tags’ at the bottom of the box

3. Then pick the tag you want to use

4. If you want multiple tags go through the steps again like before and check that the tag is there as well.

For your reader to see your tags on your sidebars of your blog you need to put the widget on here is how to do that.

1. go into the widget part of your admin


2. you will most likely find the widget under the header ‘available widgets’ it says tag cloud.

3. drag it to the position you want it to appear on your side bar.

4. give the widget a title where it tells you to type.

5. Click Save at the bottom of the box

6. Visit your blog and your widget should be on your blog.


So here is three things for you to try on your blog and I hope it helps you improve your edublog basic blog. 😛 😛

3 thoughts on “How to Add Tags on Your Post!

  1. Wow! Teegan, you are doing so well with your blogging. This is an excellent tutorial for adding tags.

    May I use it on my class blog to show students how to do this as well as you do?

  2. Teegan you continually amaze me. You always go one step beyond where you are challenged to go. I love the instructions, and there again you are one step ahead, as we have just begun to talk about such writing in class. You do it before I even ask. Well done.

    Shh! But I am going to have to follow your instructions to do it on our class blog! Shh!

  3. Hi Teegan,
    Thanks so much for your other comment! I haven’t really learnt any other tricks! Thanks for saying that my blog was great! Yours is too! I will start making my tag cloud now! I will visit your blog to see how you are doing in the challenge! I am doing it too! Continue to blog really well!

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