7 thoughts on “MY POLL!!!

  1. The sport I chose for the poll was badminton.

    I enjoy it because it puts minimal strain on my hands and I like to run around.

    It also allows precise shots.

  2. Cricket is one of my favourite sports too.

    Lots of ups and downs at the moment.

    I know India did really well against New Zealand this week!

    Another favourite sport of mine is probably rowing. One does have to be able to swim to enjoy it, and also to move the oars.

    Canoeing and kayaking are also awesome.

  3. Hi Teegen
    your servey is really cool I took it without hesitation but Iam wondering how you see the results?

    ;-D scooperrachael

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  5. I click other because my favourite sport is motocross! I like all of the polls you make, I liked the survey one. Pinky looks cute! I only have one Widget pet but I have heaps of game widgets! Your blog is cool.

    From Lochy

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