The Story With No Words!!

Hi this post is for blog challenge 5! Enjoy and I hope you follow the story! Oh yeah and it goes left to right!



Photo 5:    Original image: ‘My Best Buddy, Nicholas


4 thoughts on “The Story With No Words!!

  1. Well done Teegan. I thought this challenge would be difficult, however you have presented a great little story. And I also note you worked out how to put photos in a gallery. Outstanding. I am impressed.

  2. Hi Teegan,
    Bree here. Well done for this challenge 😉 I totally followed your story, I think. I thought it would be really hard, but now that you have done it, I don’t think so. Well done again 🙂

    Please keep visiting my blog and leave some comments 😛


    Breellen 😎

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