The Escape

A crescendo of howls and barks echoed down the hall gradually merging into a single discordant whine. The dogs were coming. Stella and Jed fumbled in the darkness, frantically searching for the door to the outside. “Found it!” Stella yelled. She pushed at the door but it was locked. Jed impetuously barged his shoulder against the steel door and grimaced, it didn’t budge. Stella remembered the knife in her pocket from before. She slid it behind the lock and the door opened with a click. Struggling to get the knife out, Stella snapped the blade in half. The door opened to a stark landscape dotted with the occasional bush. All that was in their way now was an eight foot high wire fence. The clambered up it, the wire cutting into there palms as the climbed. Just as Stella and Jed hit the ground, the pack of dogs burst through the door in a cacophony of barks. They scratched and jumped at the fence. Finally realizing it was no use the dogs conceded. A wry smile appeared on Jed’s face as he spoke, “Well that wasn’t hard at all”


I heard the sound of the final whistle blow. It was not over yet. I glanced at the scoreboard just to double check. A wave of nervous energy swept through me as I realised we would have to go to strokes. The whole team rushed off the field our faces a mix of excited and nervous. Everyone listened intensely to the coach as she spoke, ” First stroker Kate. Second stroker Angeleen, third stroker Teegan” My stomach did a somersault inside me as I heard my name. She carries on ” fourth stroker Jenelle and fifth stroker Donnaya.” Jenelle and Angeleen look just as nervous as I feel . I turn to look at Kate who is standing next to me, she is smiling from ear to ear. “Aren’t you excited?” she says ” I am I can’t wait!”. I don’t say anything, I am too caught up in my thoughts of how I could let the whole team down and loose the whole game for the team.

One minute later it was time to start, the five strokers from each team line up at the 25 metre line. Kate went and did the coin toss and we won so we chose to go first. Our first stroker, Kate walked confidently towards the circle and places the ball on the spot. I hear the ref’ say “Goalie are you ready? The stroke will commence on my whistle.” He blew the whistle and Kate fired the ball to the corner and the satisfying bang of the backboard sends our team into series of shouts and cheers. It was Wanganui’s turn next their captain got it in. Now it was Angeleen’s turn she was practically shaking with nerves. She places the ball down and shoots but the goalie just stops it. She was crushed and started crying the other the other three stokers and I said a bunch of things trying to reassure her . I didn’t watch the next stroke but as I realised it was turn I checked the scoreboard she had got it in. The score was now 1-2 to Wanganui. As I walked up to take my stroke a sudden nervous calm came over me. The ref’ handed me the ball and I placed it on the spot being careful to avoid the dent in the ground. The ref repeats the same words “Goalie are you ready?”, I heard the goalie reply a yes and the ref continues “The stroke will commence on my whistle” I begin my movement and feel my weight transfer from one leg to the other. I her the bang of the backboard and take second to comprehend what just happened. I could feel the adrenaline pumping through me as everyone cheered. It was such a rush.

The next Wanganui stroker missed because out goalie stopped it. Jenelle was up next from our team and she got it in also another round of cheers and shouts came from our team. We were winning 3-2. The fourth Wanganui stroker missed as well because it got stopped again we all cheered for our goalie. Our last stroker was Donnaya she walked up placed the ball everyone’s eyes were fixed on her. If she gets this in we win and the last Wanganui stroker won’t have to have their turn. the whistle blows and BANG! our whole team sprinted onto the field and we had a giant team hug as the final whistle blew. We won! The final score was 4-2.

Have you ever been really nervous about something?

What was it?

How to add tags and catergories into a post

By adding tags and catergories to a post you are helping your readers find posts on similar topics. Catergories are used for general topics like, sport and animals. Whereas tags are used for more specific topics like, hockey, rugby, dogs and cats.

To add categories to you blog follow these steps or watch the video below.

Step one: After finishing a post scroll down until yoou find a box that says categories.

Step two: At the bottom of the box click the link that says +Add new category.

Step three: Another box should pop up where you can type the name of your catergory. It should be a general topic like sports and animals.

Step four: Click add new category at the bottom of of the second box.

Step five: To reuse a category that has all ready been made tick the box next to the name of the category.

How to add a new tag. ( This is also in the video)

Step one: Finish writing a blog post.

Step two: Below the publish box should be another box that says Tags.

Step three: type the name of your tag in the box. ( If you have more than 1 seperate them with a comma)

Step four: Click add

Step five: to reuse a tag that is already made click the link at the bottom of the box that says ‘choose from the most used tags’ and select the tag(s) that you would like to use.

How to add tags and categories video tutorial:

Digital Story Telling

Last term our class experimented with digital story telling. Each student was challenged to write a narrative story, find photos that match the story, practice reading it in a clear voice, film it and edit it using Adobe premiere elements.

The Narrative:

Each narrative had to start with the character in ordinary life, then there had to be conflict or a problem of some sort, the problem had to be solved and the character had to change in some way at then end. For example, in my story there was an earthquake and the dog fell in crack that opened during the earthquake. The boy had to have courage and get the dog out.

We used this to help plan the narrative.

Finding photos:

Before we could film and edit we had to divide our story into parts and either find photos on the internet that we were allowed to use or draw our own pictures to go with the story. We had to find photos that matched what we were saying.

Practice reading:

Before we filmed we went through the story to make sure we were speaking clearly and looking at the camera enough.


We filmed our stories in front of a green screen so our pictures could go behind us. We needed to speak clearly so everyone could understand what we were saying.


Editing is the final stage before publishing it to you-tube we use adobe premiere elements to do this. We needed to use the green screen key and make sure our pictures were timed perfectly to what we were saying. We added a title, credits and an attribution page for the photos we used that didn’t belong to us.


Publishing is the final step in the process we published ours to you tube and added them to the class wiki.

Here is mine: