A crescendo of howls and barks echoed down the hall gradually merging into a single discordant whine. The dogs were coming. Stella and Jed fumbled in the darkness, frantically searching for the door to the outside. “Found it!” Stella yelled. She pushed at the door but it was locked. Jed impetuously barged his shoulder against the steel door and grimaced, it didn’t budge. Stella remembered the knife in her pocket from before. She slid it behind the lock and the door opened with a click. Struggling to get the knife out, Stella snapped the blade in half. The door opened to a stark landscape dotted with the occasional bush. All that was in their way now was an eight foot high wire fence. The clambered up it, the wire cutting into there palms as the climbed. Just as Stella and Jed hit the ground, the pack of dogs burst through the door in a cacophony of barks. They scratched and jumped at the fence. Finally realizing it was no use the dogs conceded. A wry smile appeared on Jed’s face as he spoke, “Well that wasn’t hard at all”