I heard the sound of the final whistle blow. It was not over yet. I glanced at the scoreboard just to double check. A wave of nervous energy swept through me as I realised we would have to go to strokes. The whole team rushed off the field our faces a mix of excited and nervous. Everyone listened intensely to the coach as she spoke, ” First stroker Kate. Second stroker Angeleen, third stroker Teegan” My stomach did a somersault inside me as I heard my name. She carries on ” fourth stroker Jenelle and fifth stroker Donnaya.” Jenelle and Angeleen look just as nervous as I feel . I turn to look at Kate who is standing next to me, she is smiling from ear to ear. “Aren’t you excited?” she says ” I am I can’t wait!”. I don’t say anything, I am too caught up in my thoughts of how I could let the whole team down and loose the whole game for the team.

One minute later it was time to start, the five strokers from each team line up at the 25 metre line. Kate went and did the coin toss and we won so we chose to go first. Our first stroker, Kate walked confidently towards the circle and places the ball on the spot. I hear the ref’ say “Goalie are you ready? The stroke will commence on my whistle.” He blew the whistle and Kate fired the ball to the corner and the satisfying bang of the backboard sends our team into series of shouts and cheers. It was Wanganui’s turn next their captain got it in. Now it was Angeleen’s turn she was practically shaking with nerves. She places the ball down and shoots but the goalie just stops it. She was crushed and started crying the other the other three stokers and I said a bunch of things trying to reassure her . I didn’t watch the next stroke but as I realised it was turn I checked the scoreboard she had got it in. The score was now 1-2 to Wanganui. As I walked up to take my stroke a sudden nervous calm came over me. The ref’ handed me the ball and I placed it on the spot being careful to avoid the dent in the ground. The ref repeats the same words “Goalie are you ready?”, I heard the goalie reply a yes and the ref continues “The stroke will commence on my whistle” I begin my movement and feel my weight transfer from one leg to the other. I her the bang of the backboard and take second to comprehend what just happened. I could feel the adrenaline pumping through me as everyone cheered. It was such a rush.

The next Wanganui stroker missed because out goalie stopped it. Jenelle was up next from our team and she got it in also another round of cheers and shouts came from our team. We were winning 3-2. The fourth Wanganui stroker missed as well because it got stopped again we all cheered for our goalie. Our last stroker was Donnaya she walked up placed the ball everyone’s eyes were fixed on her. If she gets this in we win and the last Wanganui stroker won’t have to have their turn. the whistle blows and BANG! our whole team sprinted onto the field and we had a giant team hug as the final whistle blew. We won! The final score was 4-2.

Have you ever been really nervous about something?

What was it?