Last term our class experimented with digital story telling. Each student was challenged to write a narrative story, find photos that match the story, practice reading it in a clear voice, film it and edit it using Adobe premiere elements.

The Narrative:

Each narrative had to start with the character in ordinary life, then there had to be conflict or a problem of some sort, the problem had to be solved and the character had to change in some way at then end. For example, in my story there was an earthquake and the dog fell in crack that opened during the earthquake. The boy had to have courage and get the dog out.

We used this to help plan the narrative.

Finding photos:

Before we could film and edit we had to divide our story into parts and either find photos on the internet that we were allowed to use or draw our own pictures to go with the story. We had to find photos that matched what we were saying.

Practice reading:

Before we filmed we went through the story to make sure we were speaking clearly and looking at the camera enough.


We filmed our stories in front of a green screen so our pictures could go behind us. We needed to speak clearly so everyone could understand what we were saying.


Editing is the final stage before publishing it to you-tube we use adobe premiere elements to do this. We needed to use the green screen key and make sure our pictures were timed perfectly to what we were saying. We added a title, credits and an attribution page for the photos we used that didn’t belong to us.


Publishing is the final step in the process we published ours to you tube and added them to the class wiki.

Here is mine: